Marble Excel


African-inspired Fashion Designers in the UK

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Yaa Ataa Couture Bags was launched in 2010. The collection has been created to bring you high-end contemporary bags with a twist of Africa.

Ohema Ohene is another British fashion brand specializing in producing exciting high quality stylish African inspired fashion for both men and women.

 Yaa Ohene Wa Textiles is another lady who is very passionate about her collection. As a mother and woman with a strong heritage, she wanted fashionable garments readily available for woman and child, not just something for all those special occasions but, an outfit able to fit into our everyday lifestyle, all the while embracing our African culture and heritage.


Author: Marble Excel - Exquisite Gems

Exquisite Gems introduce an array of exciting bespoke hand crafted jewellery for men and women. Our goal is to be a respected jeweller, respected for the beauty of our designs, the quality of our craftsmanship, the excellence of our customer service and exceptional value in fine hand crafted jewellery together with our commitment to ethical & sustainable business practices.

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