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Kate Moss

Following a three-year break, our Kate made a triumphant return to the catwalk for Louis Vuitton at Paris Fashion Week on 9 March 2011. It also just happened to be National No Smoking Day, but Ms. Moss made it clear she wasn’t going to have any truck with that kind of thing by puffing on a cigarette while strutting down the runway.

The concept of sustainability is going through a miraculous transformation. Generally, sustainable fabrics are more associated with coarse fabric, boring colors, and unappealing looks. With the magical touch given by creative and environmentally focused fashion designers, sustainable fabrics are now taking pride by being featured in ramp walks. Traditional fabrics are always sustainable. They can be made more stylish by diving it a contemporary touch. In this way, the value of heritage can be preserved and at the same time, the clothes would also be in par with the modern trends. Sustainability is gaining utmost importance among designers and society as a whole. It is not just an end point, but an incessant process of learning and adaptation. Sustainable fashion designing not only changes our lifestyle and trends, but also influences the way we think about design.

Every single girl desires to look gorgeous and attractive, for this reason, girls select expensive attire, fashionable foot wear, fashionable handbags and much more for fashion. Despite that, nobody can ignore originator women jewelery. Nowadays, jewellery is a necessary item for women as a cosmetic adornment. In Asia, putting on jewellery is deemed endowed for women and be element and package of too much spiritual events.


Exquisite Gems provides hand-crafted jewellery for men and woman.Our goal is to be a respected jeweler, respected for the beauty of our designs, the quality of our craftsmanship, the excellence of our customer service and exceptional value in fine hand-crafted jewellery together with our commitment to ethical & sustainable business practices.

Please view our available product below.


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